Midwest Overhead Crane Corp

Upgrade Safety Uplift Performance

Radio Control with built-in-scale

Stay on top of safety. Bad things happen when things crash, collide, or fall. That’s why we can build in radio controls which allow precise control from a safe distance, horns for basic safety, industry exclusive safety zone lighting for a warning that gets noticed on a productive plant floor, catwalks, lights to identify live cranes, load limiters to avoid unsafe and costly breakages, and anti-collision devices which allows cranes to share a crowded plant floor.

Fine-tune performance. VFDs give you greater control over how fast your loads move; scales deliver greater precision, especially for customers; and automation can increase your efficiency.

Safety Zone lighting

Below the hook devices. We can provide slings, tongs, sheet lifters, vacuum lifters and other riggings. We can also inspect and evaluate any devices you have or have made for yourself.

Here are just some of the ways we make equipment that already works hard work smart:

  • VFDs: Gain greater control than stop, slow, and fast. Think gas pedal vs. on/off switch.
  • Radio controls: Stay in control and out of harm's way (we use pendants as backup)
  • Lights: Identifying the crane is energized—and gets turned off when it's time to shut down
  • Horns: For basic safety
  • Industry Exclusive Safety Zone Lighting: Provides safety warning that's designed to get noticed—even by heads-down, on-task workers (You've seen it on forktrucks. It's a damn good idea.)
  • Work lighting: Mounted under bridge cranes to correct for light blocked by the bridge.
  • Overlimit devices: Keep people from lifting over capacity
  • Weighing devices: Know how much you're lifting — built into crane or radio
  • Scales: For precise measurement
  • Anti-collision devices: So cranes can work in close proximity
  • Automation: Increase safety and efficiency
  • Maintenance Platforms and Catwalks for maintenance access