Our Available Equipment Includes:




  • One stop shop for overhead cranes!
  • We learn your application, your building, your interests, your lifting style, then help you come up with the crane that makes the most sense.
  • We add our understanding of reliable components and accessories to make the crane the best it can be.
  • Our structural engineer will work with your builder/architect to help them understand what cranes do to the building, and we can design the crane which works best for your system
  • We procure components from all suppliers based upon your requirements.
  • We fabricate with experienced crane builders to get your crane and runway manufactured correctly.
  • We install using our own service technicians and installers who know how to install cranes and runway correctly.
  • We load test your cranes to be compliant with OSHA requirements so you can put your crane into service safely, with peace of mind.
  • We are the single point of contact and responsibility to make sure your crane is correct.


  • Chain, wire rope, under running, top running.
  • All major brands (and some obscure ones too!).
  • Recommendations based upon usage, reliability, and what else you have in your facility.
  • Trolleys, drives, pendants, radios, and VFD’s too!
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  • Rebuild your existing controls for improved reliability
  • Upgrade to VFD for more control
  • Add a radio control for worker safety
  • We’ll design, procure, and install the system which is right for your application
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  • Typical wear parts in stock, get you back in operation sooner (contactors, PB buttons, PB stations, pendant cable, collector shoes, conductor bar, festoon parts and cable, brake parts)
  • Complete mechanical, electrical and structural parts available.
  • Geared towards maintenance personnel requirements
  • Factory, OE, and Obsolete parts available
  • Competitively priced
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