Midwest Overhead Crane Corp

Optimizing Controls, Performance & Safety

Optimizing Controls, Performance, and Safety

Here are just some of the ways we make equipment that already works hard work smart:

  • VFDs: Gain greater control than stop, slow, and fast. Think gas pedal vs. on/off switch.
  • Radio controls: Stay in control and out of harm's way (we use pendants as backup)
  • Lights: Identifying the crane is energized—and gets turned off when it's time to shut down
  • Horns: For basic safety
  • Industry Exclusive Safety Zone Lighting: Provides safety warning that's designed to get noticed—even by heads-down, on-task workers (You've seen it on forktrucks. It's a damn good idea.)
  • Work lighting: Mounted under bridge cranes to correct for light blocked by the bridge.
  • Overlimit devices: Keep people from lifting over capacity
  • Weighing devices: Know how much you're lifting — built into crane or radio
  • Scales: For precise measurement
  • Anti-collision devices: So cranes can work in close proximity
  • Automation: Increase safety and efficiency
  • Maintenance Platforms and Catwalks for maintenance access