Midwest Overhead Crane Corp

Right Job Right Equipment

Cranes are varied and diverse


It's not a crane. It's your crane — for your site, your people, your work. We consider every factor, including:

  • Frequency of use
  • Percentage of picks at or near capacity
  • What is being picked
  • Dimensions and conditions in your workspace
  • Skill level of your personnel

We select from over 36 brands of equipment.

Crane Configuration Options: top running single girder, top running double girder, under running single girder, under running double girder, patented tracks, enclosed track, s-beams, wide flange beams, jibs, workstation cranes, and monorails. (See the gallery for some of our installs.)

We recommend the best ones based on your application, your preferences, and any restrictions in the environment.


"Crane" may be in our name, but hoists make up a big part of our work—either as stand alones or as a part of a crane. We take the same care with hoists: we determine exactly what you need based on factors such as frequency, picks near capacity, workflow, workspace, staff skills.

We spec the right components for you. We handle all of the major brands and many of the minor brands in chain, wire rope, under-running and top-running models. Plus, we cover all related needs, like trolleys, drives, pendants, radios and VDFs. Just like cranes, we are all-in as your hoist supplier, installer and servicer.