Midwest Overhead Crane Corp

100% Human

100% Human

Smart People Work Here

Our people know their stuff. More importantly, they know your stuff. We build it and we install it. We don't outsource the installation, or send a "representative" to oversee a crew of random laborers, or subcontract our fabrication. When we repair, we show you the parts going in and the parts coming out. When we inspect, we realistically prioritize the problems (IF any problems even exist). Midwest Overhead Crane is deep with talent. Our office crews fully support and enhance the work in the shop, in the field and everything we do for you. Simply put, we have great people.

Smart people work here

When you call, night or day, a person will pick up the phone. If that human doesn't have your answer, we'll get back to you in a great, big hurry.

Sure we want your money. But only the money that we absolutely, fairly deserve. We do not sell you equipment or services you do not truly need.

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